The Wolf Quest Saga

January 4, 2009 at 2:31 am (Book Review, Uncategorized)

I am not sure what to say about this book.  It was offered up for review, and sounded interesting, as I sometimes enjoy werewolf stories.  I was even more excited to see that the author lived in the Houston area, which is where I am located.

The book has a wonderful cover and a very interesting plot summary describing a race of werewolf like beings called the Wolfernians.  The story is set in a modern setting with a young male protagonist coming of age.  It is targeted at a teen audience, and appears to be a promising read.

Then I opened the cover and read the author’s introduction.  In very poorly edited text the author describes his love of werewolves and a desire for books that feature werewolves as “good guys”.  I am somewhat turned off by the poor editing, but I figured it for a pre-published work, so read on.  I turned it over and discover that no, it is the final released version of it and I was dumbfounded.

This is the first book to review that I just cannot recommend for anyone to read.  The plotline sounds really interesting and engaging, but the way it is written it is impossible to finish.  There are so many typos and grammatical errors that I kept wanting to take a red pen to the page, and the writing style reminds me of teenage anime fanfiction.

I must credit the author with some very interesting plot ideas, and I feel that this book needs several more stages of development and editing to be ready for publication.  Should this happen, I will be delighted to read it again, I think the topic would be very appealing to teens.


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