Schooled by Anisha Lakhani

December 7, 2008 at 6:59 am (Book Review) (, )

This book was written with a delightful amount of snarky cynicism.  Her viewpoint on the private education system and the interaction between educators and parents is something that any teacher can sympathize with.  She skillfully conveys the emotional and moral dilemma she faces as she weighs a hefty paycheck, the life she has always wanted, and luxuries beyond what she ever expected against her professional ethics, personal belief system, and complete loss of time to herself.

There were times when I felt downright envious reading about the shopping sprees and parties – who wouldn’t want to live life like that?  Then again, there were a lot of times where as an educator, I have run into a lot of the same problems as this teacher did, except in a completely different economic class.  What teacher hasn’t struggled with getting students to engage in a lesson, do homework, or turn in original work?

There were passages, however, where the book seemed more like reading a bad soap opera or opening the pages of a lurid tabloid.  The actions of some parties just seems over written and false, and I am not sure if I could suspend my belief enough for it to pass, even for fiction.  This was a decent book, but not one of the best that I have seen published by Hyperion.


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