July 9, 2008 at 1:32 am (Book Review) ()

Sitting Practice  by Caroline Adderson

This story revolves around a married couple that suffers tragedy at the beginning of their lives together that threatens to tear apart all they hold dear. Woven throughout the plot are similar themes of emotional wounds that worsen due to lack of communication between both of the protagonists and their immediate families. Ross has a codependent twin with a son that he treats as his own. Iliana comes from a fundamentalist family that is shunning her for her sinning ways. They are both so wound up in their own personal dramas, they do nothing more than hurt all of those around them. The book is somewhat awkward to read, but I feel that the last third of the book redeems it somewhat.  Even though not every loose end is neatly wrapped up at the end, life is like that and I found myself rather satisfied with the ending.

This book was an odd read for me. Throughout the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the book I had a hard time connecting with or caring about the characters. The husband has a very odd personality that is hard to accept as being a real person – he feels more like a cartoon character or someone you would see in a lame common denominator Hollywood summer movie. I ended up wondering how he survived to adulthood without becoming a Darwin award recipient. The wife during this part of the book has little impact or presence as a character, life just happens around her even when you are seeing her as an active force in the story. The rest of the book, when they show you two years after the incident, you actually see the main characters start to grow as people and display more human emotions. Their lives begin to change, decisions are made, and then I was able to start sympathizing with some of the characters. By the end I was pretty happy where things would end up, as people realized that they were going about things in the wrong way, and begin to find ways of actually interacting with each other in a more healthy manner.

I would recommend this book, but not with as much praise as some of the other books I have been reviewing. The characters are too unbelievable as people throughout the beginning of the story until the story progresses.


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